Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I Love Winter Mrs. C.

I found a heart-shaped horse apple on my poop fork today.

It fell off into the poop lagoon before I could lay it aside to photograph for Wordless Wednesday.

Well, it was the wind that BLEW it off the poop fork. And it sank and melted.

And then the wind blew the pasture gate open and the horse got out.

I pulled my glove off with my teeth so I could catch him easier before stopping to think about all my glove had just been touching.

Having no rope, I took off my freshly washed coat to loop round his neck and lead him back to the pasture.

Then I noticed he'd been rolling in poop.

If that groundhog sees his shadow again next year I am going to Gobbler's Knob to make a Groundhog Pot Pie...


  1. Don't let PETA see that last paragraph.
    I have many times wondered why Murphy's Law is in effect so much more during the Winter months.
    Thanks for the giggle.

  2. Aww, poop!

    I say we get a posse together and head to Phil's house now and "fix" him so these is no risk of him doing this next year.

    Dang groundhogs!

  3. I think you should mold a new heart shaped poop pile to photograph for us.

  4. Heart-shaped horse apple... and some folks think God doesn't have a sense of humor :-)