Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Son Slept With A Girl!

I always thought the day it first happened would be a shock to the system, or at least an occasion for some feelings of shame. But it was actually not so bad at all. They even let me snuggle up with them.

Yes, my boy has slept with his first girl and we are pleased and proud. She's welcome to come back and sleep with him again, any time. At least until they hit puberty or so.

This young lady has been Jones' best girl since preschool. Now they're in first grade and the bloom is still on the rose. There is a special folder in the computer where we keep pictures of the two of them, just in case someday they decide to get married. We have pictures of them as little cherub-cheeked sweeties dressed up for Halloween, chasing goats on a field trip, and on the first day of kindergarten. Pictures from birthday parties, sharing hugs, sharing pizza, looking all grown-up in their first-grade classroom.

Abby was the first person Jones ever asked to spend the night. He was up before 7 a.m. cleaning his room, making his bed and arranging his stuffed animals for her to come over. He even cleaned up the bathroom! And when she arrived they had it all planned out, let me tell you. Dinner, then playing outside, then movies, popcorn, and staying up really late. I had hosted a slumber party for 6 giggling seven-year-old girls before. These two little lovebirds out-giggled that whole crowd just during dinner!

It started with the prayer. I commented that we most always say a prayer before dinner in our family. Jones said, "Abby isn't our family," and S.P. said that good friends are like family. And I pointed out that someday when Jones got married his wife would be part of the family. Next thing was Abby saying "Jones, why are you LOOKING at me like that?" Giggle, giggle... and they kept giggling the whole time. Giving each other these googly-eyes and giggling. S.P. and I got done and started working in the kitchen, and the love-monkeys kept getting up to whisper to each other and giggle more. I think they were planning to live on love, but we did get them to finish their food and go outside for a while.

After they came back in it was movie time. I was expecting to show Toy Story, or Monsters Inc. or one of the Disney/Pixar type kids' movies. Abby's eyes lit up when she saw we had Indiana Jones movies! I think at this point Jones realized she was even more of a catch than he had originally thought and they settled down in their pj's and sleeping bags to enjoy the show. I looked off the couch at one point during a "scary part" and I'm almost sure she was covering his eyes for him.

When the show was over they brushed their teeth and were off to bed. Jones let Abby sleep on his bed and we made him a pallet on the floor. After some more giggling they fell asleep. I asked him the next day if he slipped Abby a goodnight kiss after we left the room and he said "I just thinked her one in my mind."

Ah, love...


  1. Aaaaah, young love!

    What age is it when boys say 'yukkkk girls'?

    They take a break, then a few years later they get interested again!

    All those photos waiting for when he's older - ha!

  2. That is the cutest thing I've ever heard, him thinking her a kiss in his mind.

    They remind me of me and my childhood crush. We raced BMX together and his brothers were the same age as my brothers. We all slept over at each other's houses all the time and it was never weird with me being the only girl...

  3. Awwwwwwwwww!! That is so cute. In a couple years, maybe not so much, but for right now it's cute ;)

  4. "I think at this point Jones realized she was even more of a catch than he had originally thought..."

    Indeed! He should give her the ultimate test of male compatibility: See if she likes The Three Stooges. If so, buy her a ring.

    (Of course, if he doesn't like The Three Stooges, the above doesn't apply.)

  5. "...thinked her one..."

    How sweet! :)

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  7. Hi! Came from Authorblog because I was scandalized by the title! lol

    Now I just hope they do get married because that will re-affirm my faith in the world. And would also provide some choice pictures for a wedding video. :)

  8. Also from Authorblog. What a lovely story :)

  9. Over from David's - congrats!

    The innocence of the young! So sweet and what a fun age!

  10. Congrats on Post of the Day! Woot!

  11. I popped in from Authorblog too. Congratulations on being post of the day. I can see why after reading this, it is very special.

  12. here from post of the day. Cute story. he may or may not like this one later :)!