Saturday, April 25, 2009

If You Bake It, They Will Come...

Well, just look at that. Wouldn't pie like that make you slap your grandma? Seems like no matter what we serve as the main dish at our church fund-raiser lunches the people just keep rolling in for the pie. Especially the chocolate-almond pie. Though this year my coconut cream pie was pretty popular too. And of course the lemon meringue, though it wasn't set up when we tried to cut it and it had to sit in the freezer for awhile...

But as Momma always said, no dessert till you eat your lunch. And they came, and they ate taco salads. Loads of taco salads. We ran out of tomatoes and olives, and it came pretty close on the meat. We overshot it on the cheese by ten pounds, but that'll keep in the freezer for another church-lady affair.

Everyone seemed pleased when we were done. Nobody argued much, we all tried to smile and get along, and I think we made enough to pay all the bills and have some profit as well. Now I'm going to take a little nap. Getting up before 6 to make meringue for pies is better left to the little old ladies of the church. I think I'm too young for that crap.


  1. The pie looks delicious!And my mouth is watering right now!!
    I loveee lemon meringue too!
    Can you send me a piece of it?

  2. You saved some of that for the rest of us, right? I'm glad it went well!

  3. Congrats!

    And the details on the pies - great! (Any recipe links for the chocolate almond one?)

    And btw, thanks for inspiring me to find an 'open' video of those Crispy Bread Dancers.
    I gave you credit on my blog. ;-)

  4. Mmmmmm....pie. Love me some of that.

    (But it doesn't love me back so much.)

    The Crispy Bread Dancers were... interesting. LOL!