Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's This Thing Called Again?

I was having a lights-out conversation with Jones last week as we so often do, and thought it would be a good idea to hit on the "no one should touch your private parts" speech again. (We had an incident near the school where someone tried to lure a boy into his car recently, and both kids had a lot of questions.)

So he asked if his chest was private parts, and I said no, just his penis and testicles. (Trying to make sure he knows the proper words instead of "wink" and "package", as we used to call it.)

"My WHAT?"


"I know what that is, what's the other word?"

"Testicles, you know, underneath.."

"OH! I thought those were my NUTS! or my BALLS! I get it!"

I am so glad it's dark, because even though we are discussing a perfectly natural thing my face is red and I'm about to bust up. Yes, I say, those are also names for them, but if you go to the doctor's office with a problem you would want to use the proper words and say "Doctor T, I have a pain in my penis, or a funny mole on my testicles, not 'there's something wrong with my wedding tackle!'"

And now his dad will have something fun to talk about after lights-out....


  1. Oh man, how embarrassing. Graham has decided to potty train himself (we were waiting until summer to start since he would be out of school). All week, we've been sitting on the potty and he's been showing me and repeating "Mama, PENIS." Yes, that's your penis, Graham. So he tells me again and again, he's so damn proud. Ugh. This is a conversation I never thought I'd be having.

  2. That bit doesn't faze me so much, it is the sex education talks at school that bring me the reddest face. Oh Groan, shudder the thought.

    Have a Happy Easter.xx

  3. My mom died of embarrassment the first time my oldest daughter, at the tender age of 2, used the word "vagina" in her presence. I told my mom, "Well, that IS the name of that particular body part."

    I figure if we teach our kids that an arm is an arm, and a leg is a leg, we ought to teach them the proper names of all their other body parts, too.

    Just wait until they start asking really pointed sex questions. LOL!