Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Don't Think He Wants The Usual Crap For Christmas...

Hey, it's been a long time since I was here, with many good reasons (excuses) too numerous to list. The most important being that I need to whip the relationship demon. Things had gotten to the point where I was thinking my new profile photo just might be labeled Ms. C and you would see a photo of my fabulous lawyer instead of happy snaps from our last (very last ever) anniversary trip.

But we are both stubborn to the point where we would rather fight for our marriage than give up, and we love each other more than we love to be right and win the stupid argument that started the whole problem in the first place, so it looks like things may be happily ever after. For me, the turning point came when I stopped asking God to change my husband, and asked Him to show ME what I needed to do. And then when I got impatient because it didn't work RIGHT THAT MINUTE, I asked that He guide my way. I guess when the prayer hasn't worked for three years maybe you're just not asking for the right thing...

But, since you all come here for good silly crap instead of soap operas, a funny video. I got a Youtube video link from my fella yesterday for a song called "Stop Giving Me Crap For Christmas". I am not tricky enough to get a link to it in my post, but I know most of you are much more technologically advanced. I'm not sure but it may be some sort of gift-giving hint.

Now, I don't want to be known as the wife who gives crap for Christmas so am looking for a new idea. I would like to give dear husband a calendar for his workshop, the kind you can buy at tacky mall kiosks that feature scantily clad women. However, the catch is that I want the pictures to be of me, his fabulous wife. I am not nearly tricky enough to take self-portraits, and there is no one in town to take them. And even if there was I would not do such a thing in Gossip Central, USA. The Presbyterian Women's Association just voted me president for next year, for goodness' sake. They'd probably expire en mass, right there at the potluck table. And the closest place I might find a photo studio to do it is at least 3 hours away. So I'm wondering if maybe I should make up a little note that says "redeemable for one pin-up calendar" and put in in an envelope, and let S.P. take the photos? Then we could make the calendar at home on the computer. Is that a lame gift idea?

Well, as you know I trust your opinions and you will never gossip about me. Enjoy your Christmas preparations, and if you have any good cookie recipes pass them on, for sure!


  1. Well, I'm glad to hear that you've patched things up (not that I knew they were unpatched before, of course.)

    Good Christmas gifts? I've found, in my experience as a guy, that sports-related items go a long way. Specifically, tickets to a team event that would tickle his fancy. That might be something swell.

    Have a blog tip for you. A fellow teacher who writes wonderfully. I think you might dig this...

  2. I think that's an awesome idea, although, I think that it might be better as a surprise. Is there a photographer anywhere nearby, like day trip out of town distance? Or do you have a very close friend you could do it with? If not you can still have a lot of fun with it. Just make sure he doesn't invite anybody into the garage without putting it away.

  3. So, what did you decide? Nudie calendar? If so, will we see any of it here. Probably not, considering the Presbyterian women and all, but I can dream, right?

  4. Oho-ho-ho, Jim, you sly dog. Yes, I will be making sales to pad my kids' college funds....

    No, I decided to go with the wise advice of my friend at the Gumbo Palace and make the pictures into a "pillow book", just for us.

    However, given the popularity of Wordless Wednesday, you just never know what the heck you will see around here...