Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, My Achin' Ass..

What a day. On the field trip one of the kids in my group was feeling a little car (bus?) sick so I gave her a plastic bag for just in case. We made it all the way to the tide pools, then all the way back to the aquarium. I packed the bag into my backpack in preparation to get off the bus. As we were parking the bus, yes, sitting in the parking lot waiting to get off the bus, I felt a frantic whacking on my arm. Behind me the child is THROWING UP. I got the bag out and back under her face in time for the second wave but...damn.

And when we got back to school my sub for MY class had already escaped for the day. No note about how the day went, or how the kids were, or anything. So tomorrow I plan to just get them nice and quiet, look around, and say, "So, what do you want to tell me about yesterday?" And see if they have any guilty secrets to share. They must not have been fabulous or she would have left a glowing note....

Then for the big finish on my day, Pony Girl just came down the hall and said her teacher told them that anyone who doesn't participate in the science fair won't get a "4" on their report card for science. Well, hell. We got the notice about the science fair on the 8th, with an added note from the teacher that since they'd just finished a big project and the fair was the 19th, it was an optional thing. To me, basing a student's final grade on a project doesn't make it optional. I had to send her down the hall to her room so I could cuss this teacher out in style. We had a great idea for a project but with such a short time to do it she decided to wait and enter the fair next year. It's not the grade, because we know she has done well and will be proud of her work no matter what, but it just seemed like a bullshit trick.

Excuse the pissing and moaning. Maybe I need a little nap...

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  1. That's about as bad as basing your high schooler's grade on their CBT tests. Which is what is happening to my 10th grader this year. Pisses me off that a stupid standardized test is determining a good portion of my child's grade this year.

    And no fun about the puke. Ugh.

    Don't forget to raise one eyebrow at the kids when you ask them to 'fess up. It always makes them squirm!