Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: ...Oh Look, a Chicken!

Dum-te-dah! It's day of all days...Random Tuesday! And they be no one in this chair more random than me. Hey, did you ever see "National Lampoon's European Vacation"? You know, the scene where the Griswolds have 15 minutes to see the Louvre? That's me, today, trying to shepherd my second-graders through 10 classrooms full of science-fair experiments in one hour. My brains are gone.

So, AWAYYYY we go...

One of my own students was in a funk because he had no science experiment to display. Over lunch, less than one hour before the fair was to begin, he had a GREAT IDEA. And the water bottle volcano was born. Take one full water bottle, loosen the cap, and place in a large basin. Squeeze really hard until the cap (and water too) shoots into the air. Refill and repeat. And relocate experiment to the sink area. He was a big hit and got a green participant ribbon too. Rocked his whole day.

Last night I found an empty snail shell on the floor by the washer and dryer. Made me wonder if it was empty when it came in the house, or if it was carrying a passenger, traveling in some little boy's pocket and went through the wash. Note to self: check clothing for snail stains...

We had the ASB carnival at school last Friday, with fun games, dunk tank, and goodies including a bake sale and cake walk. Good times and we made a lot of money for field trips, but the big irony of the night: the family with the diabetic child won three cakes at the cake walk.

I can't wait until she leaves. I'm so tired of the attitude, the snotty looks, the angry back turned on me. Most of the time I'm just trying to take care of things she needs, but the lack of respect I get in return makes me wish she would just disappear. I can't believe a ten-year-old could be capable of such hatefulness, but it gets worse every day. And she's so pretty, too.... Hey, anybody wanna buy a horse?

Oh, that's all I got. When this job ends I may actually get to READ other people's blogs again...


  1. If you added some salt to your detergent each time, you won't have to worry about finding snail stains...

  2. OK, I've probably missed this in some other post - if so, please point me there - but, what is a cake walk?