Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RTT: School May Not Be Out, But the Teacher Is...

It's late, but I shall be random anyway. Here we go.

My students love the bathroom. Maybe I should move my desk in there with them so I can get more teaching done. We could begin a study of tornados...

And whoever designed that restroom should get a big ol' swirly. The tiled floors and walls magnify any noise the kids make until it echoes down the hall. It should've come with padded walls and a white noise machine.

Our creative writing assignment was "How would you build a snowman?" I had some great stuff come in, lots of descriptive words and details like "with a striped hat" or "with coal for buttons". I had to laugh at "not with yellow snow".

Had two kids rush up to me in the middle of writing time wanting to tattle about something-or-other. (A twosome that LIVE to tattle..) They were both insisting that they would talk first. With a long line of kids needing help with their snowman stories, I said, "get a sheet of paper and write down everything you want to tell me. Then I'll read it after I help these kids." Funny thing, they were tattling about two TOTALLY DIFFERENT INCIDENTS!

We are having a healthy eating contest among the kindergarten, first and second grades. After lunch each day they report how many servings of fruits or vegetables each kid ate. At the end the class who wins gets a fruit salad party with the Healthy Strides teacher. Today one of the students reported eating a serving (1/2 cup) of sliced olives. Another reported a serving of pickle slices. After taking a drink of water to rehydrate my salt-puckered mouth, I told them those foods were too salty to be eaten in 1/2 cup portions and counted as "healthy choices".

Today we watched the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon about adjectives before starting the writing time. It was so cool to listen to the song and watch the kids enjoy the animation. Maybe tomorrow I should review verbs, just so we can watch that one. "Verb, that's what's happening.."

That's all I got. Now I correct the papers.


  1. You mean pickles don't count as vegetables? Oy..

  2. ♪♪♪ "Conjunction Junction, what's your function..." ♪♪♪

    Did either of the kids tattle about yellow snow?

  3. Love School House Rock! Just read Andrew Lost In The Bathroom with my 5 yr old. Highly recommend the series for little dudes

  4. a..."fruit salad party"? Wow, that sounds BORING ;) No wonder they weren't trying very hard.