Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sexy Vampire Hookers Do NOT Say "Oink"...

Hey, we made it through the Pig Plague, at least as far as the Health Care Professional in residence can tell. A little fever here, fatigue there, and let's just leave out the (whisper) diarrhea.

But now we're gearing up for Halloween. I love Halloween. Buckets of candy corn, handfuls of mini candy bars to steal from the kids, and the excuse to run around in a trampy costume, all in the name of good fun. (However, the attempts to squeeze into the trampy costume are often undone by the wanton comsumption of candy. Funny how the truly important parts of the holiday do NOT go hand in hand.)

Halloween Week is always especially busy around here because Pony Girl's birthday is just a few days later, with treats to be made for the classroom, birthday dessert for the family, and a party to plan. This year five desperate-to-be-young-women are coming over to giggle away at a pajama party. Not quite a sleepover as they will all be going home about 9, but there will be a PJ fashion show, Spin the Nail Polish Bottle, the Commercial Game, plus pizza making and other fabulous food indulgences. With this party we move from little-kid parties where I could use up the leftover Halloween candy in the pinata to Tween-Land. I'm not sure what this age will bring. Hopefully it's not too bumpy a ride. Halloween is scary enough!

Anyway, it's good to be back from the dead. I was having trouble figuring out how to come up with a way to make a zombie costume look adequately trampy for my favorite fall holiday.


  1. Ah, the tween years. Just steps away from the teen years. If you think zombies are scary, wait until the teen hormones start in.

  2. Candy Corn! Thanks for reminding me - I had, for some unknown reason, forgotten to pick up any. That shall immediately be rectified!