Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wait, What Happened to September?

Wow, it's been over a month since I was here. If I had scores of followers they would probably be SO disappointed. As it is my few faithful pals over on the left probably don't even come by anymore due to my high level of suck-ness.

But for a while I was busy. After we came back from the big fun anniversary trip (which reminds me, I have some pictures to post BESIDES the one of the Beaver Wash..) I jumped in to get ready for Camp Victory. That's a camp for girls who are survivors of sexual abuse. We bring these girls, ages five to 17, together for three days of fun at a camp where, as one of them put it, "everything is safe. This is the only safe thing I can count on in my life." It's just like any other camp, with singing, crafts, campfires, silly games, and piles of great food, except that all the girls there have been abused. We give them a safe place to be and get some of their childhood back.

So we had a big training in September, then camp three weeks later, with a lot of work in between. I worked in the office this year to help with paperwork, planning, and untangling last-minute messes, then was a cabin buddy with the youngest group of campers. Lots of action there. Littles never walk when they can run, and they run EVERYWHERE.

Then when camp was over I planned to get back into visiting you all here more regularly, but found myself in a rather serious issue with my sweetheart. One that I was not entirely sure would end up with us looking toward any more anniversaries unless some serious talking was done and understandings reached. It's funny how one person can see something as a small deal and the other person see it as deeply hurtful. And how much not talking about it thoroughly enough the first time can leave a scar that's just waiting to tear open again and do even more damage. I think, though, we understand each other's feelings much better now and can move forward. Even after 15 years this marriage thing can jump up with surprises.

So now today I can finally sit down and say hi again. Lots of free time considering both kids were home sick and are now resting on the couch. I won't make the oink noise, but one of Jones' classmates was in the ER with 105 fever and was given antivirals, and two other kids from their school are also getting the drugs. We are hoping for just plain sick. I'd even take some good old-fashioned barfing flu, if it wasn't swiny in nature...

Hey, come see me again soon. And wear your government-approved antiviral mask!


  1. Well, Hello! I'm not wearing my mask (I tend to ignore most of what the government tells me...) so if you have anything, don't breath on me, please :-)

  2. Glad you're back! I have an ear and sinus infection, so I'll wear the mask to protect you from that. What a wonderful camp! And I'm glad you and your sweetheart are on the mend.

  3. That is such a wonderful thing you are doing Mrs.C! I guess all those girls will always remember the time spent in the camps.

    We'll wait (im)patiently for the anniversary trip pics :)