Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will The Flatiron Work On This Curly Tail?

I have one kid back to school, one still on the couch with normal temp but wicked sore throat, and a massive giant sitting on my lap. Everything I got aches or is so weary I can't move it. Either I am just a big ol' slug or something bad is going on inside my decrepit body.

If I do not speak the word "flu", will it not come to pass? Excuse me while I go lie on the couch.

I am NOT sick, just resting.

And slosh some Lysol over your entire body as you leave. Don't forget to gargle.


  1. Please don't catch it Mrs C! It sounds horrible.

    I too am not sick, just resting. Mine won't come to pass either.

  2. Oh I hope it passes, without catching it. Take rest

  3. I find that eating a whole bunch of very spicy hot foods makes me feel better when I have flu-like symptoms. Partially the sweating, partially the endorphins, I suppose.

  4. I am completely paranoid that I will catch the flu. I already had it in February, and am NOT anxious to repeat. Feel better soon!