Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Have Spirit, Yes We Do!

No, it's not an episode of "I Love the 80's", it's the photo evidence of SPIRIT WEEK at the elementary school!

Day 1 was "Wacky Hat Day", with Jones going military style with the cool khaki hat his grands brought him from Finland. It's got funky pins all over it and he thought he was the cat's ass in that thing. Pony Girl put on her pimpy top hat made of pink and purple leopard print fur, the one that looks like it has Hostess sno-balls stuck all over it. Truly fabulous.

The second day, the only one they really dressed up for, was 80's Day. They did this one last year and had the most fun with it, so we tried to make good outfits again this time. Since they wanted me to dress up and come help in their rooms, I went for the classic 80's look. Big hair, big-ass lace bow, lace gloves, and blue eye make-up. Since none of my shirts have shoulder pads I had to rig some up on my tank top straps. They worked pretty well, except for when I bent over to help kids with their work; then they slid down and it just looked like I had big square boobs. Pony Girl did the Flashdance thing, right down to the leg warmers. I made them out of the sleeves of the ugliest sweater the thrift shop clerks had ever seen. And the coolest part is that now I have a great sweater vest for next 80's Day! And Jones rocked the grunge look, with the exception of the stringy lanky 'do.

Celebrity Day followed, with so many little girls dressed in minis and leggings to emulate Hanna Montana it looked more like Tramp Day on the first floor. I stopped to talk to one of the reading teachers and we saw a mini so short it really did look like a belt. I asked "Isn't this Celebrity Day? What celebrity is that, Heidi Fleiss?"

To wind up the week we had Color War with each class assigned a color. All the classes had a pretty decent showing with the exception of the one kindergarten class who was One little boy warned the teacher "I can't wear pink, my daddy won't like it!" I did see one boy sporting his class color; pinned to the front of his blue sweatshirt was a tiny pink baby t-shirt belonging to his sister. Cute, cute.

That's all the spirit we got. Maybe we'll get points for style.


  1. I thought I clicked over to Debbie Gibson! Great costumes, spirit week is always fun!

  2. Awesome leg warmers.

    I find it a little depressing that at kindergarten age they're already afraid of...a color.

  3. Happy Sunday, Casey! Yes, it felt just like high school again except I didn't have to work so hard to cover the wrinkles then...

    Hi, Keely. I'm glad you're here this morning! It seems like Wrangler jeans just had a campaign out for breast cancer awareness that said "Real Men Wear Pink" and had all kinds of pink shirts for the cowboys. I told lots of the boys that day that if girls could wear blue, why couldn't boys wear pink?

  4. Sounded like fun for all. I remember in 5th grade having "wear your shirt backwards" day lol.

  5. You haven't changed since high school, Mrs. C.


    I remember 80's day for my oldest daughter-- she wanted "big hair", so I told her she had to wake up 45 minutes early that morning. She was flabbergasted. Yes, sweetie, we lost sleep so we could have Awesome Big Hair.