Friday, January 16, 2009

What if you started a blog and nothing funny happened?

Today is not just like any other day at the bog. There's the usual massive amount of laundry waiting in the hall, and the pony is giving me the fishy eye waiting to be fed, and there are piles of stuff waiting to be organized, but it's a special day. It's the birth of my blog.

All the usual questions are evident: What will it look like? Will it be funny? Will it be smart? Will people like it? Will it be easy and fun or a pain in the butt every day?

I've watched and lurked on others' blogs; I've laughed and cried at what they have written. Many times I've wished for a place to vent my frustrations, tell something funny, ask for advice outside of my small-town circle of friends. But was there time in my life for another thing? I finally had to admit that there had to be time for THIS thing; this thing for me.

So TA-DA! Today I took the plunge, started the blog, pictures and all, and....

Gee, nothing funny happened today. And it's after 4. There was a brief humorous conversation I had with Jones about where I would have to take his temperature if he wouldn't open his mouth or take off his shirt so I could get to his armpit...

But after all I'm just meeting some of you and don't want to be tacky first time out.

Maybe for today, just getting out here and saying "hi there" is enough. My family is hanging out behind me saying "We want to see the blog! Can we see the blog now?!"

So we'll see what tomorrow brings. For now, Happy Blog-day to me.


  1. Happy Blog-day, Mrs. C. Don't worry about content for now, just put on your water wings and get used to the pool.

  2. CANNONBALLLLL!!!! (spa-lash!)

    Whether you cannonball or bellyflop, the important thing is that you are in the pool. As the Captain (good man, he is)said above, don't worry about the content.

    Remember, misery AND comedy will find you :), and it's all blogworthy stuff!



  3. Thanks, gents. I have enjoyed your comments on others' blogs and will always treasure that you came to visit mine AND left your "autographs"!

  4. Yeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!!! Ya finally done it. :)

    Looking forward to reading.

  5. Happy blog birthday! I'm very excited for you...

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere! *waves hello*