Thursday, January 29, 2009

Open Wide, Honey!

I have to take Pony Girl to the dentist after school today. She went two weeks ago for a regular six-month checkup and everything looked good...EXCEPT.

The dentist and hygenist described it to me as a "buckle pit", which is a fancy way to say that as one of her new molars was forming it didn't grow together and make a smooth surface on the side. It left a pit, which they have been keeping an eye on for several visits. This last visit, it had sticky stuff in it that could indicate 'pre-cavity' activity.

SO, it needs attention. Of the filling sort. Will it need a drill, I asked. No, not exactly, more of a high-pressure water/air scoop tool. How about Novocaine? Well, we can try without but it depends on how sensitive the tooth is. When do you want to do it, the receptionist asked.

NEVER. Unlike lots of her classmates, this is the first tooth Pony Girl has had that needs work. All the dentist visits have been a breeze, with the exception of the icky-gross (her word) fluoride treatments. A little picking, a little poking, a spin with the tickly polisher and then a new toothbrush and trip to the treasure chest.

This is the real deal; the other side of the treatment room, so to speak. When she was getting ready for school I reminded her today was the dentist and asked her if she was ready. She laughed and said, "Oh Momma, it's not like it's going to HURT!" I laughed too. Ha-ha. Oh, I sure hope not.

Now, I know that this day would come sooner or later and I'm just being a big weenie. But I've been in that chair a LOT (root canals, crowns, and braces too) and I know sometimes it hurts. A whole bunch. And right now it's kind of difficult to think about taking this daughter of mine, who I'm supposed to protect from hurts, into a room where she most likely is going to have pain.

Will she be scared? Will she cry? Will I? Will she be angry that I didn't tell her all about what was going to happen before we went? Should I have told her? Will she be afraid of the dentist after this?

Gosh, it's just like one of those soap-opera cliffhangers.


  1. I hope not! I've had my share of dental work and it's not always pleasant. I'm sure if it's a pediatric dentist, they'll do everything they can to make her comfortable.

  2. Oh, I am not looking forward to having to take my child places that I know are unpleasant!

    I hope it isn't too horrible for her. I had fillings put in by the dentist at school, totally unbeknownst to my mother, and it was horrible. I have had a lot of work done since and break out in a sweat just getting my teeth CLEANED.

  3. Hallo. While trolling through my older posts I noticed that you had visited Bra. Humbug. So I'm here to say thanks.

    As someone who has posted about my Dentist, the charming and clever Stavros who has managed to keep my mouth looking as if it has a full complement of teeth, I know how important it is to have a dentist you trust, especially when you are entrusting your kids to them.
    Good luck with the visit. I shall be back to see how it goes.

  4. Hey, Casey. Hey, Keely. And welcome, Moannie. Thanks for the good-wishes. It was no sweat, after all. Our dentist has three little ones of his own (though the third has no teeth yet) and took care of Pony Girl better than I could have hoped. He had the Novocaine ready and told her if it hurt while he was working to just raise a hand and he would fix it right away.

    She had to raise her hand because "it pinched" but at that point all the sticky stuff was already gone and just the filling part was left. There was a collective sigh of relief from all three grownups, for sure! And the only slightly painful part was paying the bill.

    Thanks for coming by. Made me feel better to talk about it and hear from you all.

  5. I'm glad she sailed through. Shots from the dentist are definitely on my bottom-10 list.