Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 30-Day Plan

Recently I've heard about some interesting 30-day plans to make my life better, or more fulfilling, or just more spicy. Everyone insists their idea will add depth to my otherwise shallow existence. But which one to choose?

Having discarded most of the 30-day exercise programs due to the laziness gene, I have three that are getting serious consideration:

Blog every day for 30 days. (Stretch your mind)

Cook something new every day for 30 days. (Stretch your cooking skills)

Have sex (somehow) every day for 30 days. (, ENHANCE your relationship)

Hmmm, they all sound good, and challenging to keep the faith for the full 30 days. How can I pick just one?

Got it! I'll take the best of all three. I'll cook in the nude every day, see what comes of it (stop snickering...) and blog about it! It'll be the best 30-day program ever.

And just imagine what Wordless Wednesdays will be like...


  1. Oh wow, yes, I can't wait for the Wordless Wednesdays!

    The comment you left at my place regarding the breast pad/coffee filter mistake may well be the funniest thing I've heard all year. Thanks!

  2. Woo-Hoo! I think the entire country should go on your plan!

  3. Nude cooking for thirty days? I'll stay tuned.