Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RTT: Mom's On Vacation!


Oh, it's a great day. The kids are off for a few days with their grandparents, I have cake left from Jones' birthday party (come tomorrow for a picture) and "America's Next Top Model" is on ALL DAY LONG!

Plus I can throw out whatever weird idea comes up and it's not disjointed, it's...RANDOM TUESDAY THOUGHTS. Brought to you by the management, endorsed by the UnMom, and 100% organic.

Go, hamster, go...

Jones got a Crime Scene Investigator kit for his birthday, complete with UV flashlight that makes body fluids fluoresce. So far we have discovered that our teeth are brilliant in the dark, our toilets are disgusting, and Jones needs to shake it off better before tucking it back in his shorts.

No matter how mature our relationship has become, I can still make my mother blush with any obscure reference to my sex life. We are planning a weekend trip for our 15th anniversary next month and asked if they would take the kids. She asked why we were going early and I said it would ruin our romantic plans to have "Mother Nature" along. Her face turned beet red and she stuttered like Mel Tillis. Guess there are some things you just don't bring up to your momma...

Adding braces to Pony Girl has really changed her look. From the neck up she looks a couple of years older, which causes a little consternation when we take her to the beach. Last time we were there she was sprawled on her towel, sunning her buns, and a couple 12/13-year-old boys were checking her out. When she got up to hit the water and they realized she was not as old as they thought the looks on their faces were hysterical!

It's time to redecorate the kids' rooms. Whe we first moved into the house six years ago we painted and decorated for 2- and 4-year-olds. For their respective birthdays they asked us for something more grown-up. Pony Girl is getting a horse theme, and Jones went for the hunting dogs with camouflage bedding. If I can tear myself away from Top Model my job today is to clear out their rooms and tape up the woodwork. Oh crap, I have to strip that wallpaper border out of Pony Girl's room too!



  1. Ha - all boys need to shake it off better!!! I am amazed at how disgusting the bathroom floor can get with just one boy in the house. Ick,.

    I loved the sex reference to your mom-that's funny!

  2. I thought braces made my sister look younger than her age. Well, she always looked young for her age. Now, people think she's in her twenties even if she's really 34.

  3. You made me blush too. Ok, not really. As far as my mom knows, we have separate rooms and have never done it. The grandchildren are a mystery.

  4. My mom tries to tell me about her sex life, duh, with my dad - it grosses me out. I think she is upset that I don't talk about my sex life with her - I never have - and she expects a daughter to "share" details with her mother. Gross. My sister-in-law and brother tell her everything, so I guess they cover it in my stead. Yuck.

  5. My mom is the same way. Totally different than how my girls and I talk about sex!

    Good luck with the room re-dos. That's a lot of work! You should post before and after pictures.